Sean Mulcahy

Theatre Designer and Stylist specializing in Set/Props and Wardrobe.
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Design Services and


Set/Stage Design

Nationally recognized Set Designer for non-profit and for-profit sectors. Sean's work has been presented and toured extensively throughout North and Central America.

Costume Design

Award winning Costume Designer and wardrobe stylist for non-profit and for-profit sectors. Sean's work is described as character driven, tailored and exceptionally detailed.

Print/Media Stylist

Respected brand, print and commercial stylist, specializing in room/set/props, table-top and off-figure. Sean's clients range from major label brands to national PSA campaigns.

Toronto based Designer, Arts Educator and Stylist whose work has been seen throughout Canada, the US and Central America. Awards include: A Guthrie and The Tom Patterson Award (Stratford Festival, CA); 8 Robert Merritt Nominations, 3 Awarded (Theatre Nova Scotia); Best Group Costume Design (Pride Toronto); The Pauline McGibbon Award, shortlist (2011); 2018 Finalist for the prestigious Virginia and Myrtle Cooper award in Costume Design (OAC).
Sean Mulcahy BFA, PGCert, ADC


Set Design, Actually, HGJT/The Obsidian Theatre Co. 2019.
Set and Costume Design, Renovations for Six. Theatre Aquarius 2019
Film -Set Decorator, Christmas 9-5. Lifetime Network 2019 Costume Design, Bend It Like Beckham. Starvox 2019

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